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large size picture of panel labels


The following are just a few examples of the varied and wide-ranging work that we have recently carried out, with a gallery of engraved items and personalised gifts at the end of the page.


Bespoke border tile stencil engraving.
picture of tile detail
We coated 40 off 200 x 50 mm plain white glazed border tiles with a self adhesive masking film and then engraved a bespoke image through the film to produce a stencil. The stencilled tiles were then hand coloured with porcelain paints (porcelaine 150), the masking film was removed and the tiles baked to set the paint.
picture of tiled wall
The advantage of this method is that the laser roughens the tile glazing which allows the paint to adhere well and the paint does not bleed under the edges of the stencil producing a crisp image.

Light Switches

Bespoke light switch decoration and identification pictograms.
picture of engraved 2 way light switch picture of engraved 3 way light switch
We engraved numerous new light switches with a bespoke border image and identification pictograms.
The engravings were then filled with black cellulose paint. This produces a well defined and long lasting image which will not wear with use.


Antique-style engraved map.
picture of engraved map
We were provided with an image of a sheet from the Ordnance Survey map from 1899. The map was optimised and cropped to the required area using image manipulation software before being engraved onto brass/black acrylic engraving laminate. The finished product was mounted in a photograph frame for wall mounting. This gave a superbly detailed map with an antique feel.

House Numbers

Bespoke house numbers.
picture of engraved house number
Unique house numbers are made with custom size, shape, colour, decoration and style. Manufactured from exterior grade, uv stable, engraving laminate for durability and longevity.

Candle Holders

A range of decorative wooden candle holders and LED candle cubes.
picture of candle holders
These were made from 3 mm thick MDF interlocking faces with various patterns and images profiled out to allow the flickering candle light to shine through.
Sample images were profiled on each face of the candle cubes to show the effect that can be obtained.
picture of large candle holder picture of small candle holders
The large candle holders are suitable for wax or LED candles and the candle cubes are only suitable for LED tealights.


A range of decorative wooden boxes with hinged lids.
picture of small boxes
These were made from 3 mm thick MDF with interlocking edges and an integral hinged lid. Various images were engraved into the material on the sides, top and internal base.
picture of large box picture of medium box picture of small box
A number of different styles, shapes and sizes were produced to show examples of the range of possibilities.


A selection of highball and mixer glasses.
picture of 5 highball glasses picture of 4 highball glasses
The glasses were engraved with various repeating patterns around the circumference.
picture of 3 mixer glasses picture of 4 mixer glasses
The glasses with flat bottoms were personalised with a name reverse engraved in the base to make it legible from the top.

Random selection of personalised gifts and engraved items

These are just a few of the gifts that customers have had personalised messages engraved on them and other engraved items.

picture of engraved boomerang Engraved wooden boomerang.
picture of engraved rolling pin Engraved wooden rolling pin.
picture of engraved knife & sheath Engraved wooden handled knife and leather sheath.
picture of engraved watch Engraved wooden cased watch.
picture of engraved dice Engraved blank dice, numerals ready to be filled with multi-coloured paints.
picture of engraved mirror Engraved glass mirror.
picture of engraved baseball Engraved synthetic leather baseball.
picture of engraved wooden box picture of engraved wooden box Engraved wooden box lids.
picture of engraved gin bottle Engraved bottle of gin for Fathers Day gift.
picture of engraved stainless steel rating plate Stainless steel rating plate marked with cermark.
picture of engraved nunchuck Engraved wooden nunchuck handles in english and japanese.
picture of engraved razor blade tag picture of engraved circular tag Engraved rock band promotional pendants / keyring tags.
picture of cappuccino template Cut out cappuccino template of their logo for use in a Turkish restaurant.
picture of engraved oak plaque Engraved oak love token plaque, in English / Czech.
picture of wooden memorial plaque Engraved wooden memorial plaque.
picture of leather watch strap Leather watch strap with name engraved on the inside face.
picture of engraved decanter Engraved lead crystal glass decanter.
picture of engraved wooden bar stool Engraved wooden bar stool seats.
picture of engraved cake toppers picture of engraved cake topper A selection of engraved acrylic cake toppers.
picture of engraved memorial plaque Engraved memorial plaque.
picture of lotion tag picture of soap tag Engraved tags for bathroom pump dispensers, with ball chain.
picture of trophy case Trophy case cut from MDF, engraved and assembled without any metal fixings.

Other images will be added when available.

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