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Our Products

We manufacture engraved products such as: signs, panel labels, nameplates, valve tags, fobs, badges, plaques, pet tags, leather goods, house signs and rubber stamps.
Our computer controlled machinery is extremely versatile and can engrave glassware, mobile phone / tablet / laptop cases, photograph frames or pet collars and leads.

Signs, panel labels, nameplates.

Labels are currently supplied nationwide to: control panel builders, electrical contractors, air conditioning manufacturers and installers, heating and plumbing contractors, educational establishments, electrical distributors and electrical switchboard manufacturers.

We have an extensive library of technical, advisory, health and safety and obligation symbols, together with many character font styles and languages which can be incorporated into the design. Customers own artwork or drawings can be imported into our sophisticated machinery in many file formats for products such as mimic panels and facias where label and steelwork must match exactly.

Labels can be made to any size and shape and we have a large range of colours and finishes available. Our standard labels are manufactured using high quality, UV stable, exterior grade material which is extremely durable and long lasting. An alternative material is clear acrylic for rear engraving and ink filling with a variety of colours.

All products can be supplied with a high quality adhesive backing and/or mounting holes of any size or location.

medium size picture of panel labels medium size picture of various labels medium size picture of switch labels medium size picture of warning labels medium size picture of panel labels

We regularly make cable/pipe markers and can also engrave proprietry switch / lamp labels, or manufacture alternatives of the same size, including ones that clip into a holder.

Valve tags, key fobs, badges.

Tags, fobs and badges are manufactured from a variety of materials including: plastic laminate, clear acrylic, leather or wood to any size and shape.

medium size picture of engraved valve tags medium size picture of engraved valve tags

Valve tags and key fobs can be supplied with bobble chain, split rings or keyrings and chains. Badges can be supplied with various clips or pins.

Electrical spurs, sockets and switches.

Bespoke text, identification pictograms and/or decoration can be added to electrical spurs, sockets and light switches.

medium size picture of engraved electrical spur medium size picture of engraved 2 way light switch medium size picture of engraved 3 way light switch

The text, pictograms and decoration are engraved into the plastic facia and then filled with paint to produce a crisp and durable image that will last much longer than screen printed or vinyl sticker film examples.


Personalised wooden or acrylic plaques have unique legends and/or photographs supplied by our customers engraved on them.

medium size picture of engraved wooden plaque medium size picture of engraved wooden plaque medium size picture of engraved wooden plaque

They can be made to be free standing or wall mounting and are available in any size and shape.


Various sizes of glassware such as shot glasses, mixer glasses, highball glasses, wine or champagne glasses and pint glasses can be engraved.

medium size picture of engraved glasses picture of 4 highball glasses picture of 3 mixer glasses

All glasses can be personalised with customers own individual legends, motifs, patterns and/or names engraved on them.

Photograph frames.

Customers own text or motifs can be engraved on wooden photograph frames to suit most popular print sizes.

medium size picture of engraved photo frame

Customised shape photograph holders can be designed and manufactured to customers requirements.

Mobile phone, tablet, laptop.

Make your technology unique with your own motif marked on it.

medium size picture of mobile phone case

Also, high quality leather cases can be made for all popular sizes of mobile phone or tablet with personalised markings.

Rubber stamps.

Customers own design, text or image can be used to manufacture rubber stamps for use with ink pads.

medium size picture of circular inkstamp bottom medium size picture of circular inkstamp top medium size picture of inkstamps

Complete stamps can be supplied as well as rubber panels for proprietary stamps.

Personalised pet products.

Pet tags can be manufactured from plastic laminate or anodised aluminium in a number of different colours, shapes and sizes and marked with identification details.

medium size picture of pet nametags and keyfobs medium size picture of engraved dog lead medium size picture of engraved sign

Leather collars and leads can also be engraved with name and/or contact details.

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